Canadians say this word funny.

No, seriously.

Go see the my first entry:  https://light-tight.com/2009/10/02/4/ or if you want the long version, keep reading.  I started this blog for two reasons.  One, I am a laid-off newspaper employee, so by law I am required to start up my own blog.  Two,  I have had a load of film taking up space in the lettuce crisper drawer of my refrigerator for a decade or more and I needed to either just throw it out, or come up with a reason to use it.  Thus, this blog was born.  I should note that in order to save space in the lettuce crisper, I took all the canisters of film out of their boxes.  The boxes had the expiration dates written on them.  I’m sure all this film is past date, but I don’t know just how old any of it really is.  Thus begins an interesting adventure.

So basically, what this is “about” is a bunch of photo related stuff that I don’t really expect anybody other than me to give much of a crap about.  But it’s an interesting experiment nonetheless.

Thanks for your interest.  If you’ve read this far, I’m surprised.