Knock Knock?

Who’s there?


Alphabet who?

I’ll Fuh-Bet you never considered using kooky old letters for your fancy fotografs!

When I saw this box o’ fun at my favorite thrift shop, you know I had to buy it.

title letters 4Yah, I splashed out the big bills!

Back in the before times, when people shot on film, it wasn’t as easy as it is these days to manipulate a photo.  You would have to take meticulous care with each precious exposure to make sure it was juuust right before you tripped the shutter.title letters 3So if you wanted to make a scrap book about your fun days at summer camp, you needed Self-Sticking 3D Title Letters!

title letters 2Or if you wanted to make super fun photo invitations for your sock-hop party, you needed Self Sticking 3D Title Letters!

People would use them in their still photos, or their home movies.  It sometimes took a lot of careful planning to achieve the effect they were looking for.

A bit of research revealed this fun old article about how to use home-made title letters in your amateur films. I found this over at Modern Mechanix


Nowadays, we have it easy.  We can take a photo, slap some text over it in Photoshop and boom, you’re done!  But what’s the fun in that?  Consider the fun of laying out your letters and the challenge of not having spellchecker?  What if you run out of the letters you’ll need for all your words?  You had better get pretty creative, like maybe having to make an ‘H’ out of two ‘I’s and a period.

So I got to thinking, what could I use my Self-Sticking 3D Title letters for?  They’re actually kind of nice.  They are made of a heavy, ceramic-like material. Unfortunately, that means some of them are broken.  Also, they seem to have lost their Self-Stick quality long ago.

title letters 1I looked to the box for some ideas. They suggest using them anywhere, anytime…on windows…of cars…heeey now.  I’m getting an idea of how to bring this product into the modern age. And their loss of stickiness isn’t anything a little modern packing tape can’t fix!


Looks soooo professional, huh?  And the cop couldn’t believe this when he pulled me over! (kidding, I never text and drive).


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