May 24 2013

Well, I dunno…

I thought it looked like a bulk loader.


May 9 2013

Success! (more or less)


I went to the lovely little establishment I mentioned that sells film for a dollar.  It’s kind of a pain to get to because it is only open on Tuesdays, and because you have to walk through a bunch of other junk shops to get to it.

I get there and guess what?  Their cheapest film is NOT a dollar!


It’s seventy-five cents!

I bought a roll (I should have/would have bought more, but I literally had $2 in my pocket), brought it home and loaded it into the craptasticmatic.

It didn’t load easily, it kept slipping the take-up spool, so I kind of JAMmed it in there, then started clicking away, taking photos of  random crap.

Because of the parallax of the viewfinder and the lens, it was too hard to be sure what I was shooting pictures of, so I just sort of aimed it at arms length, gangster (am I allowed to say that?) style.

I had no idea what the depth of field might be, and I kind of played around with the assorted “aperture” settings.  The advance mechanism seemed to slip a lot, but I kept shooting anyway.

Then came time for the rewind.

brokeRemember, I told you that broke into a bazillion craptasitcmatic plastic pieces?  So I tried using a vice grips to turn the rewind spool.  It was kind of difficult to feel if the film came off the advance spool and was all the way back into the canister, so I borrowed my friend’s actual, for real dark bag to open the camera safely in complete darkness. Turns out the vice grips worked ok.

Again, I took it to the film department at my local pharmacy where the young fellow behind the counter actually asked me why I was spending money on film when digital is pretty much, like, free.  Yep he actually asked me that.

Anyway, what I got back the next day surprised me.

crap 2There were some images that were actually quite haunting and beautiful.

crap 1Even my gangster style shots had a weird and lovely quality to them.

crap 3Sometimes I was actually able to accurately guess what a properly framed image might be.

crap 4And then there were some of these bizarre multiple exposure images where the advance mechanism was obviously failing, but with a wonderfully kaleidoscopic effect.

Long, looong story short, or not…I was completely prepared to just chuck the craptasticmatic into the garbage after this roll.  But now I’m not so sure.  I think it might be worth keeping around to run some rolls of 75-cent expired film through it from time to time.  Just for fun, and for the thrill of not knowing what you might get.

That’s something digital will never be able to give you. We could all use a little more mystery in our lives. Even if it’s not, like, free.