Jan 28 2013

Two Rolls, No Butter

I’ve had these two dusty old rolls laying around for years.  Sometimes in a drawer, sometime on a shelf.  You can actually SEE the dust at the bottom of the one on the right.  To be honest, I have forgotten where I got them.  I think I’ve been looking at them for about 20 years.

So I was thinking that maybe I should get around to finally doing something with them.  Perhaps I should get them developed.  I went online to learn more about these films.

Lo and behold, there is another blogger out there who processes old found film, and he has a very interesting post about these two exact same film types!

And by looking over his post, I learned that these rolls are actually unexposed.  But then, had I been more observant,  I could have also learned this from the faded old print on the roll itself.

Now I’m wondering if I should try to run these through a camera; I’m sure what ever images I may get would be extremely fogged.  Or should I continue to hold on to them for another 20 years?

Jan 22 2013

110, Nobody Loves You.

Let’s revisit this post, where I had this brilliant idea to buy a thrift shop camera containing some old film.

I had originally planned to use up the rest of the film.  But there was a big problem.  Probably the problem that lead to the camera being thrifted in the first place.

The film would advance easily enough, but the shutter button wouldn’t work properly.  No matter how hard or repeatedly I jammed my index finger down on that crappy plastic button, the shutter wouldn’t trip.  Then, when I least expected, it would.  But then it wouldn’t.

I finally figured out that if I advanced the film, then smacked the thing really hard from the viewfinder side, the shutter would trip.  Oh brother.

So I finally advanced all of the film into the take-up end of the cartridge.

So now that I got this puppy out, where am I going to get it processed?  Good question!  I made some calls, researched online and personally visited a number of local photo labs and no luck!

So I turned again to good ol’ Dwayne’s.  Yes, they still process 110.  They even still process 126 and disc (I’m gonna getcha)!  No way!

Like in the days of yore, I filled out the order form, wrote out my check, put them with my film cartridge into an envelope and took the envelope to the post office for proper shipping, waited a little over a week and my pictures arrived right to my door.  How convenient!

But oooh the special images!  So much anticipated!  I opened the envelope to a treasure trove of women wearing ugly early 90’s Christmas sweaters, pot luck dinners, and a whole lot of underexposed, grainy crap! Yay!

Also, a magenta dog!

A grainy cave!

A bloody stump?

Perhaps it really was not worth the investment of time or money.  Perhaps it would have been better to let these images lay in latent waiting for the rest of eternity.  But what’s the fun in that?

I don’t regret it I would probably do it again.

You’re not easily fooled.  You know I’m going to do this again.  Perhaps sometime in the not too distant future…..

Jan 15 2013

Pictures of the Universe

teflon_superhero shared this, and other “pictures of the universe” on reddit.  Yes, they were shot on film.

Jan 10 2013

Going Back In Time

French WWI images found still in camera

Check out this guy’s amazing discovery.

Jan 9 2013

Un-developed Country


I’m so sorry I’ve been away for so long. You know how it is.  Sometimes life gets in the way of doing fun things.  Sometimes new fun things get in the way of old fun things.  Sometimes a person just feels lazy or uninspired or uncreative…but aaaanywhoooo…

I’ve been thinking for a few weeks now that I really should revive this blog.  I’ve been seeing things that make me think to myself, “hey, that would be fun to put on my old blog!”  Then, this morning, my friend at work left this on my desk for me to see when I came in this morning.

I took this as a sign that I should finally get off my heiney and post some stuff.

For instance, last weekend while I was visiting my in-laws at their retirement community, I was visiting the thrift shop there and I discovered THIS!

I can understand someone not wanting an old 110 camera anymore.  But how could they STAND not knowing what are on those first 14 exposures?!?

So maybe you think I’m crazy for buying this camera for 25 cents just because someone else’s old film is inside.

Maybe you’ll think I’m crazy for being willing to invest time and money to find out what the pictures look like.

But if you are as crazy as I am, you’ll be back to see what develops!

Stay tuned!