Dec 12 2011

My Friend Vinny

Thanks to him for reminding me that I never posted the results of my last roll.

Sorry it took me so long. It took me all this time to recover from Oktoberfest!

Ok, that’s not true.

My dog ate it.

Actually, I’ve been quite busy, preoccupied, distracted and the other excuses from the list of reasons why a person doesn’t get something done.

Oktoberfest was fun. At least what I remember of it.

It wasn’t that I killed that many brain cells while I was there. More because it was 2 months ago, and I’m just now getting around to telling you about it.

When we got there, it was packed. There was a line to get in, a line to get money tickets and a huuuuge line for tube sausages.

What’s the German term for waiting a really long time in line? After doing that, my friends and I ate our delicacies off the fender of a truck because we couldn’t find a table.

My friend Jeannette is resourceful and crafty though, and in a short time, she scored us a seating area in the main fest platz. I’d say we were just in time for the toast. But there were many toasts. Many many many toasts.

After so many toasts, we got silly with the tube sausages.

It would be impolite of me to show you the ones of my friends posing with the tube sausages, so I’ll show you this PG13 rated image. As you can see, my ability to choose an appropriate exposure setting was impaired. I do remember exposures being something like 1/4 to 1/15 with my 50mm 1.8 wide open.

Everyone else was taking photos with their phones, and getting quite acceptable images. My film cried itself to sleep that night. I think maybe it had too much to drink – it kept telling me how much it loved me before it threw up, finished crying and passed out.

All in all, the film did okay considering the extremes I put it through. It was a bit fogged on the first few exposures near the leader, as you can see on the first 2 images. Farther along the film was fine. It was me who was fogged.