Oct 23 2011

Today’s entry: I can’t read or speak German, but I can drink it. OR Foreign Film Night!

My friend Jeannette presented me with this roll of film she found at the local thrift shop.

It looks German to me, so I decided to take it with me to Oktoberfest.

First off, I know nothing about this film’s life to this point – how old it is, if it’s expired, if it was stored in the refrigerator or on the dashboard of someone’s car.

Secondly, taking a roll of 2oo speed film to a poorly lit night-time event filled with dancing, tube sausages and copious amounts of beer is not one of my better ideas.

What?  bring a flash you say?  Hey, I’m already carrying around my tank of a film camera, I don’t need an additional strobe interfering with my carrying around my tank of beer!

Dancing, drinking and long exposures equals a recipe for disaster!  Poor little roll of film.

Let’s see what, if anything, turns out!