Jan 18 2011

It’s Arrived!

My Kodachrome has finally arrived.  It was a pleasure to carefully open the much anticipated mail package.  I was filled with tingles as I slid the thin black plastic box from that package.  It was ecstasy to open the lid to reveal the precious treasure within.

This is the kind of savor we don’t experience enough in this day of instant gratification.

I spread the slides across the light table.  They were like little gems.  They were like little time capsules.  They are magic.

After all this time, I’m amazed at the tonal range of this film.  I purposely shot some tricky exposures, just to see how they would look.  The Kodachrome totally nailed it.  It captured the shadows and the highlights in the most perfect, beautiful, balance.

I felt a little sad that I had to shoot this roll in the winter time.  I had no greens of summer to capture, just varying shades of December gray.  In a way, though, this proved the films strength even more, as every subtle color was lovingly rendered in every shot.

I’m sad to report that I do not own a film scanner, so I cannot share the superwonderfulness of my favorite shots with you until I can get my hands on one, or pay some lab to do it for me.  Check back, I’ll get some of them posted as soon as I can.

But even with these shots, where I just photographed the slide on a light table with my D700 with a macro lens, you can get an idea of how sweet this film is/was.

Plus, I have some other projects and ideas up my sleeve!  Don’t be a stranger.

Jan 9 2011

Still Waiting…

I’m still anxiously awaiting my roll of Kodachrome from Dwaynes.  I know they got it, because they cashed my check on December 29th.

Apparently they’re handling a tsunami of it.