Oct 17 2010

Results to #28

Processing, time and price are all the same.  I went to the same old chain pharmacy.  I looked around for film processing in the park while I was there, but I didn’t see anything.

And well, the art show was kind of a flop.

Actually, it was incredibly successful. It was insanely crowded. There was a line of traffic miles long to get in. Once we got there, it was way too crowded to see much of the arts and crafts.

It was hard for me to enjoy myself in a throng of people like that.

I did get a shot of these colorful gourds, which looked pretty in the autumn sun.

But then, when I was standing on some kid’s pant cuff and didn’t even realize it until he almost stepped out of his baggy bottoms because they were pinned down my my foot, I decided I’d had enough of the overcrowded art show.

So we retreated into the fun old park.  I love this park.  It’s like walking back in time.

Since all the food stands in the craft show area were jammed and kind of pricey anyway, we decided to look for food in the park.  This jolly fellow greeted us to a great deal on a breakfast platter in the world foods pavilion.  Hey, sure.  It was 1:15 in the afternoon, but somewhere else in the world, it was morning and it was time for breakfast food, right?  Is that what they meant by world foods?  Not sure.

It’s just not a trip to the park without getting in a few rounds of skee ball!  I didn’t cash in my tickets.  I’m saving them up for a really great prize, like maybe a kazoo made of real tin.

Yep.  One of the ride operators was dressed as Santa.  I never thought about dressing up as Santa for Halloween.  It’s actually quite a brilliant idea.  Maybe this guy is some kind of genius.  But I doubt it.

Apparently, even in a family friendly park, they have trouble with alien abductions.  So first they tape a note to the alien, then they lynch him.  Well, at least they said please.

I noticed this property about a mile or so outside the park, on the way home.  I guess its size is deceptive.  Maybe it doesn’t look like much from the surface, but it’s actually five stories deep?

So that’s it folks.  That was my official last roll from the film bag.

But that doesn’t mean all of the fun is over.  Hoooo no!  I have a few more tricks up my sleeve.  So stick around.

I probably won’t continue to post every week, but I will be sure to share my photo adventures with you.  What kind of adventures, you ask?  Well….

Come back and see!

Oct 10 2010

Roll #28

Last roll!

I’m going to take this roll to an arts and crafts show. I love to go to this show every year. It’s one of my favorites because the show is held inside an old amusement park.

It’s one of those old-timey parks that still has the brass ring on the grand carousel. You can walk right in for free, but then you have to buy tickets for the rides.  It hasn’t changed much for 50 years, and is nestled in a grove of trees that start to change colors this time of year.

Even if the art show is a flop, it’s always fun to enjoy the park, eat some potato cakes and play some Skee Ball.

Oct 3 2010

Results to #27

Processing: chain pharmacy

Time: next day

Price: $5.81

I haven’t had the time to try to find new places to process my film, so I’ve just been going back to that same chain pharmacy the past bunch of times. So the price has been the same for a number of rolls now.

The dinner party was lovely. And although I knew the light would be low, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as low as it was. I was working with ½ to 1 second long exposures.

For this shot, there was still a bit of daylight coming through the windows. I like the mix of the blue of the natural light and the yellow of the incandescents.

I kind of forgot just how yellow incandescent can be when you don’t correct for it, or when using a digital camera, set the white balance for it.

So another roll of film bites the dust.