Jun 27 2010

Roll #21

For this assignment, I’m going to experiment with an aspect of photography to which I have rarely paid particular attention. Although I’ve been shooting for many years, this phenomenon to me, has always been more of an afterthought or residual effect, not the main subject.

It’s bokeh.

Bokeh is the blur in the out-of-focus areas of a photograph, most visible in spots of highlights which take on the shape of the aperture. This blur can have an aesthetic or artistic quality of its own . The amount of blur is controlled the same way as the amount of focus, with depth of field.

So since I’m going to want as much blur as possible, I’m going to want to keep the lens aperture wide. For that reason, I’m choosing the slowest film I have left in my bag. A roll of Reala 100.

Now you may ask, “Does bokeh come in funny shapes at all?” and the answer is “no, unless you think round is funny.”  That’s because the shape of the lens aperture affects the shape of the bokeh, and that shape is usually pretty close to round.

But I might play around with that by creating my own apertures in funny shapes.

Jun 22 2010

FlashBack – Everything Looks Worse in Black and White


Today we recognize, but do not necessarily celebrate, the one year anniversary of Kodak’s announcement to discontinue Kodachrome.

Jun 20 2010

Results to #20

Results to #20

Processing: chain pharmacy

Time: next day

Price: $12.47 (processing, prints and photo CD)

Well, the roll had no previous exposures on it, so the kink in the film leader was just that. There were no mystery time capsule images like I was hoping for.

As for the concert, the setting sun I was hoping for was behind a thick layer of clouds. The ambient light was too weak to contribute to the harsh stage lights.

The last time I shot a roll of superia/diarrhea (although it was without the “x-tra” suffix), I was quite happy with the results. I shot some autumn foliage. This time I’m less than pleased. Reviews claim superia has fine grain and that it’s good for insufficient light conditions and renders excellent skin tone and texture reproduction. But it just couldn’t handle the stage lights very well. And the grain is nasty.

So I guess either this roll just didn’t age well and I can chalk this one up as expired film, or the processing this time around at the pharmacy was off. Or, maybe it was because I went back to my Minolta equipment, and the Vivitar Series 1 70-210 just cant compare the the Nikon glass to which I have become accustomed.

But the reviews can’t all have been written by Nikon shooters, right? So I doubt it was the glass.

On this shot, the skin tone looks okay for the people under daylight, but I’m not happy with the tonal range, especially in the shadow areas.

Again with the disappointing tonal range. It’s unfortunate that both the hot spots and the shadows look this bad.

I have one more roll of this film. I’ll be sure to go back to the Nikon equipment, and I’ll try not to make it work in such a contrasty situation, and then we’ll see.

Jun 13 2010

Roll #20

This roll of superia/diarrhea has a kink in the leader. Maybe it was in the camera before and backed out. I really have no idea.

I think I’ll take it to the free Ralph Stanley concert in a nearby town. I should be able to get close enough for a few good pics.

It’s an outdoor amphitheater facing the setting sun, with additional stage lights. I’ve never seen Ralph not wear a cowboy hat, so we’ll see if I can get any decent shots of his face.

Jun 9 2010

FlashBack Loading

We don’t load and unload anymore.  But we do upload and download.  So there’s still some loading happening somewhere.