Mar 31 2010

FlashBack Aaaaaaah-aaaaah!


FLASH!!! Aaaaaaah-aaaaah! Saviour of-the-universe!

Queen, in the theme song to the 1980s movie

Mar 28 2010

Roll #14

Roll #14

I found another fun cheap camera at that thrift shop I mentioned in an earlier post! It’s an Image Tech 3D camera…just in time for the current 3D craze!


So, after a short surf on the internet, I found more information about it here.

I was thinking that I could get the film processed at any lab that does those “panorama” photos that were so popular there for a while. You know, the ones where the camera really just cuts off the top and bottom of the 35mm frame. But, after closer inspection, I think It might not be as easy as that.


The camera makes a negative that fills the full height of the film.  But it looks like it will create a wider than standard negative, with three separate exposures. I may run into some problems finding a lab that can handle the negs I’ll get from this camera.

Well, I’ll run a roll through, and we’ll find out!

Mar 21 2010

Results to #13

Results to Roll#13

Processing: local chain pharmacy

Time: next day

Price: $11.02

Well, I was intending to stick with the 80s theme, and look for retro subject matter.

But then I didn’t.

After a long, brutal winter, spring finally hit here. And it hit hard.  With unseasonably warm sunny days, a rush of life burst forth from the earth. So instead of looking for old crap, I went out and photographed the flowers in my friend’s garden.

I dug out my old Vivitar Series I 70-210 macro (for Minolta, remember) and got to work.



These prints are not without problems. Although I used another roll of the PJ400, which never fails to disappoint me, I blame many of the problems on the pharmacy’s processing and printing. The prints have an inconsistent cyan cast to them. And again with the split frame prints!  That’s just inexcusable.

If this wasn’t for my own twisted experiment, I would have been very displeased with the lab on this one.

PS Thank you for excusing the delay in my posts.  I was experiencing some hard drive failure issues.  I hope they are now finally permanently corrected.

Mar 20 2010

Please excuse the delay in new posts as I am currently experiencing technical difficulties.

Thank you.

Mar 14 2010

Roll #13

For this assignment, we will be going back to the future.

For sentimental reasons, I have never been able to get rid of my very first real camera.  It’s the camera I learned on.  It’s the camera I received as a gift in high school (please do NOT get out your Texas Instruments calculator and do the math)  and used all through college and into my first jobs.  Once I started acquiring Nikon equipment, I put this camera away and never used it again.  It’s a black body Minolta X-700.

I loved that camera.  It was full of electronic features; it would even make beep sounds.  But looking at it now, its body has that weird dated 80s aesthetic.  You know what I mean, that stark angular styling that seems to be reaching toward some sort of Tron-like future where everything looks like an Isuzu Impulse or an Atari 800…or Max Headroom.

So I’m going to load it with some fresh batteries, some old outdated film (probably another roll of PJ400 as I don’t actually have any FILM left over from the 80s) and take a trip back in time.

I hope the thing still works.