Nov 29 2009

Roll #5

Roll #5


A roll of your average Kodak 400. I probably bought this at that now defunct camera shop I mentioned earlier.

A few weeks ago, I spent a dollar on a goofy plastic camera at the local thrift store. 4lensaIt’s a really great thrift store that often has  unique items for good prices. They even test the products first to make sure they are up to snuff. Anyway, the camera has four separate “lenses” that make exposures in sequence on a single 35mm frame. I guess that’s exciting to someone who’s never used a motor drive, or isn’t used to high fps on their digital camera. 4lensbIt is a cute, gimmicky little feature to put all the shots on one frame though. But I had no idea what kind of exposures they were, I had no idea how fast the “shutter” was, so I figured a roll of 400 would be the best all purpose type film to slap in there. I was just recently thinking about how it might be about time to finish up that roll, when I got some spam email with a link to some photo equipment on sale, and imagine my surprise when I saw the exact same camera here! (Update:  The Adorama link has since been removed.  They offer a similar camera, or B&H still offers the version I have)  Well, at least I now know a little bit more about my little plastic toy. Also, I’m really glad I only paid $1 for it rather than the price online!  Lastly, I have a new level of admiration for people who can write up an enticing description for such a crappy little product in order to get you to buy it.

Let’s take the roll to the lab and see if I really might be on my way to becoming a “wizz with the whatsit.”

Nov 25 2009

FlashBack Quiz

Test your pix knowledge with this vintage quiz.



Nov 22 2009

Results to #4

Results to #4

Processing: A local discount phramacy

Time: Next Day

Price: $5.82

Well, the reviews I had read turned out to be pretty accurate. I received rich prints in warm autumn colors. I’m not sure which impresses me more, the performance of this old Fuji film, or the quality of the work from the discount pharmacy. F400 It is definitely the nicest set of prints for the lowest price so far during this experiment.

Nov 15 2009

Roll #4


On a recent beautiful autumn day, with the sun brightly raking golden light across the landscape, and the sky a perfect azure, I thought it was the lovely time to take a roll of film and try shooting some perdy autumn leaves. I grabbed one of my ol’ FM2s only to discover there was already some film in there. Hmm, I didn’t remember loading any film in there. So, hoping it was color, I went about my task. I shot around 30 frames and unloaded it.

Okay, it’s a roll of Fuji 400 Superia. I always thought that was a weird name for a film. It sounds too much like diarrhea to me. Or maybe I’ve been pronouncing it wrong. Anyway, some reviews I’ve read claim this film to lean toward yellow-green (depending on if it’s processed correctly) fortuitously perfect for warm autumn photos. Of course, I’m sure they aren’t talking about 10+ year old film either.

Let’s take it to the lab and see what we get!

Nov 11 2009

FlashBack Beer


Mmm-mmm.  The disembodied head with the dollar sign for an ear wants to please your taste with a beer that may or may not claim to cure your rickets!