Apr 14 2010

FlashBack 3D

I went to the pro lab with the “3D” negatives, and sure enough, they could print them.  The guy put one of the three-frame exposures into a medium format sized neg carrier, cropped off the top and bottom and there you go!

There’s a bit of flare along the bottom edge.  But he ran it through for me for free because he was eager to prove that it wasn’t impossible to do.  I’m sure the flare could be eliminated with a bit of tweaking.

By the way, he also mentioned how stupid it was that the other lab separated many of the groups of three frames when they cut the negs.  ..something the pro lab would never do, even for a stupid project like mine.

Hurray for pro-labs!

Mar 31 2010

FlashBack Aaaaaaah-aaaaah!


FLASH!!! Aaaaaaah-aaaaah! Saviour of-the-universe!

Queen, in the theme song to the 1980s movie

Mar 3 2010

FlashBack Careers


Look at the enlargers!  Look at the chemicals!  Look at the lighting and dang, look at that huge old view camera!

Feb 17 2010

FlashBack Totally Tubular

chem1Remember when your images were created in chemicals instead of pixels?   Mmmmm, chemicals.

Feb 3 2010

FlashBack Head

cameraheadI would have loved to sit in during the brainstorming session for this ad.