Apparition with an Appetite

I could not get my friend to accompany me to the art show that I told you about in the last post. She was too busy preparing an “European inspired dinner in the orchard.”  So after the art show, I took some photos there instead.  I’ll show you a few more shots with the same Polaroid as my previous post and I also loaded some film into this special little friend.

pola 01My dad got this as a gift in the mid to late 1960’s.  He used to photograph Formula 1 race cars with it. It hung from a nail in our spare room through my entire childhood. I took it with me when I drove across the country in the summer of ’93.  It works just as well now as it ever did.

pola 02There isn’t much to it.  It really is pretty much just a light tight box.

pola 03And once you load the film, set the film speed and check the battery, it’s as easy to use as 1,2,3,4!

pola 06Speaking of battery, I didn’t even remember this little darling having a battery.  I must have replaced it at some point since 1993 though, because the battery inside was in good shape and still had juice, butpola 04it’s a pretty weird looking battery, man. Double ended. I’m not sure you can still get these. I have heard some people modify these cameras to run on AA batteries instead.

So, back to that dinner party in the orchard.  I took BOTH Polaroids with me.  The newer Super Shooter that I introduced to you in the last post was still loaded with color Fuji instant film.

filmAnd I loaded some b/w into my old 210.  Yes, you can still buy b/w and color film for these land cameras.  Keep in mind if you switch between the two that the color’s speed is ISO 100 (you’ll set your camera to 75. It’s close enough. It will work, I promise).  The b/w film speed is ISO 3000! What? You heard me.  If you need some sort of frame of reference, if you try to manually set your smartphone camera to high speed (good in low light or freezing action) you will probably only be able to set it to 800 ISO.

Also, you will only need to wait one-fifth of the amount of time to peel your photo after exposure.  On this day the color film took 75 Mississippis whereas the b/w only took 15.  So if you need more instant instant images, you may want to go with the b/w.

sample 2Anyway, back to the dinner party…The orchard was lovely.

sample 3As was the food and the many many decadent desserts.

sample 04

Guests arrived by traditional combustion engine, diesel, hybrid and pure electric!  If you’d like to learn more about the converted SAAB in the foreground, visit

Now, how about that apparition I promised to you soooo many words ago, remember the title of this post?  Neither do I.

sample 1

I took this lovely photo of our group enjoying their food and drinks.  Everyone seems to be having a lovely time.  Now, I am not one to believe in supernatural stuff.  I have discredited people who claim to have captured “orbs” in their flash photos.

sample 1a

But I cannot explain that blurry apparition to the upper left of the seated group.  There was nobody getting up from their meals when I shot this.  besides, with film as fast as 3000, shot in bright sunlight, even if someone did move, they’d have to be moving faster than an electric car, hell, faster than a Formula 1 car, to create a blur like that!

There is simply no explanation, except perhaps it is the albatwitch, we were in an apple orchard, after all.


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