Roof Roof

Oh, hello again.
You want to see what I did with the rest of those rolls of film?
First, let me introduce…
Craptastic IICraptasticmatic II.  Admittedly, it is quite a bit less crappy (therefore less charming) than the original, but it does have potential.  It is fully faux metal 100% plastic, has “aperture” settings, and a hot shoe, but it does not try to disguise itself as an SLR with a fake mirror prism hump. And it did not fall apart in my hands when I tried to rewind the film.

Craptastic II III

It does, however, have a tripod mount, and it’s made not just vaguely in China, but rather specifically in Macau!

craptastic II II

I found that the optics, while small, platic and crappy, did provide a nice blurry quality to many of the images, they just weren’t as special-kind-of-crappy as the original.  It did seem to consistently underexpose, thus the graininess of the images.  I was using 100 ASA, but that should have been no problem in broad daylight.  Of course, who knows how old this film was.  People have literally started giving me rolls they find in thrift shops, in their homes, laying on the street… Next roll I’ll try will have to be 400.
So where did I go?

I went up on my own roof!  My husband was doing some work on the chimney, or as some folks around here call it, chimbly.  Notice the loss of focus around the edges, especially in the backlit areas?  That is pretty great, but I remember the original being better at being bad.


I don’t have a lot to tell you about this one.  I was just trying to be artsy-fartsy.

As for the Action Quad Cam, I can’t say there was a whole lot of great action on my roof.

roof3My lovely and talented husband was applying some caulk to his newly cemented chimney cap (he da bes!)

roof4And then I fell down the ladder*

So thanks for stopping by and spending some time with us up on our roof.  I’m sorry I couldn’t offer you a cool beverage.  Stop by again, and I’ll show you some more ridiculous photos of stuff.  Hint – I have an itch in my Polaroid.

And in case you are wondering, don’t wonder too far, I threw the original craptasticmatic and all of its broken plastic cratptastic pieces into the garbage where it can live for eternity in a landfill.

*I did not actually fall down the ladder, this was a trick of the camera as I am a perfeshunal.


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