Up On The Roof

Right smack dab in the middle of town
I found a paradise that’s trouble-proof (Up on the roof)

roofmotion1I’m sorry for keeping you waiting.
Unlike the trouble free paradise of the roof, I ran into a small glitch at the photolab.
Remember back in the days of yore, we took pictures on film in our cameras instead of with our phones?  We would take, or mail, our film to this place called a lab.  Sometimes the lab equipment would break down, or they’d lose or destroy your film.  Remember that?

Well, on the day that I found the time to take my film to the one hour lab, their equipment was down, so that added a few days to obtain the results of my rooftop excursion.
So without further ado, here we go!
filmandcameraMy coworker was using the action quad cam, as introduced waaaay back on roll #5, (when I still had the bag o’ film) with a roll of C41 process black and white.  So he was looking for action shots, which were a little hard to find up ON the roof.  But he did find some moving traffic below.


I grabbed the new craptactic beauty I bought to replace my original, broken Craptasticmatic.  I’ll tell you more about the actual camera in a future post, but as for the photos, I was mesmerized by the beautiful geometric patterns ON the roof.

roofcrap1I love the look of the industrial looking equipment up there.  I have no idea what this thing is, but there was no way I was going to touch it.  It kind of looks like something that could bring life to Frankenstein’s Monster. Or maybe it’s some sort of  power coil for a shrink ray, or communication devise for extraterrestrial life?

roofcrap2I did touch this banister. How cool is this?  I would totally shrink a couple of these down and make them into a pair of earrings, if I knew how to use the shrink ray coils.

Needless to say, we both had a blast up on the roof. Maybe we can visit again someday when we have more time to explore and take fun, goofy photos.



Thanks again to my coworker and guest photographer for opening the hatch on this rooftop caper.  We did not use up the entire rolls of film on the roof, so stop back shortly to see how I blew through the rest of the rolls.


OTHER than taking adorable photos of my friend’s kitty.

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