Two Rolls, No Butter

I’ve had these two dusty old rolls laying around for years.  Sometimes in a drawer, sometime on a shelf.  You can actually SEE the dust at the bottom of the one on the right.  To be honest, I have forgotten where I got them.  I think I’ve been looking at them for about 20 years.

So I was thinking that maybe I should get around to finally doing something with them.  Perhaps I should get them developed.  I went online to learn more about these films.

Lo and behold, there is another blogger out there who processes old found film, and he has a very interesting post about these two exact same film types!

And by looking over his post, I learned that these rolls are actually unexposed.  But then, had I been more observant,  I could have also learned this from the faded old print on the roll itself.

Now I’m wondering if I should try to run these through a camera; I’m sure what ever images I may get would be extremely fogged.  Or should I continue to hold on to them for another 20 years?

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