Results to #27

Processing: chain pharmacy

Time: next day

Price: $5.81

I haven’t had the time to try to find new places to process my film, so I’ve just been going back to that same chain pharmacy the past bunch of times. So the price has been the same for a number of rolls now.

The dinner party was lovely. And although I knew the light would be low, I wasn’t expecting it to be quite as low as it was. I was working with ½ to 1 second long exposures.

For this shot, there was still a bit of daylight coming through the windows. I like the mix of the blue of the natural light and the yellow of the incandescents.

I kind of forgot just how yellow incandescent can be when you don’t correct for it, or when using a digital camera, set the white balance for it.

So another roll of film bites the dust.

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