Roll #25

(only 3 more rolls!)

So I was contemplating what on earth I might come up with for my next assignment when I see my husband looking at me and pointing to something in the grass.

It was a white moth. It had subtle colors with big eye-like spots on its back wings. It was pretty big, at least 5 inches across. His body was fuzzy and he had comb-like antennae.

I grabbed my camera and a roll of Portra NC.  This roll is probably leftover from shooting some long ago wedding, as it is low contrast and excellent for keeping details in highlights, like a wedding dress or a white moth, but still maintain detail in shadows and also render accurate skin tones.  I think Kodak still makes this film, but this particular roll has got to be really old.  I think the last time I photographed a wedding on film was, oh, probably 13 years ago.

I just returned from dropping off the roll at the chain pharmacy. The girl behind the counter told me they couldn’t process the film because it says “NC” on it. I pointed out that it is C-41 process.

I don’t have much hope for this roll.

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