Results to #24

Processing: chain pharmacy

Time: next day

Price: $5.58 (processing and photo CD)

Two things broke on the same evening: the heat wave and my streak of super busy craziness.

I see a butt in the clouds!  What do you see?

The oppressive humidity and heat got blown through by an eerie cluster of storms that oscillated between being sinister and dangerous at one moment, and soft, bright and beautiful the next.

And I received a respite from what had become a tedious segue from one new full time job to an even newer full time job (hurray for me)!

Anyway, in between rain drops and job responsibilities, I had some time to enjoy the sunset.

I overexposed all my shots, but the negs were still thin. It seems the higher speed film didn’t hold up as well as the others when it comes to being 10 or so years past date.

The files as they came on the disc were quite poor.  The negs being thin contributed to their lack of contrast and their excessive graininess.  So I oomphed them up in Photoshop a bit.  Without a doubt, these shots would have looked better on digital.

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