Results to #23

Results to #23

Processing: chain pharmacy

Time: one hour

Price: $5.81 (processing and photo CD)

“This roll of film is cursed!”

I had to agree with the photo technician when I went in to pick up my film.

One hour earlier, I had brought my whole camera in to the mini lab because the entire roll of film had ripped from the spool in the canister and was still wrapped up in the take up side of my camera.

The day before, I had been taking photos of people browsing a yard sale that I was having with a friend of mine. I had been busily clicking away, but when the exposure counter got to 36 it kept advancing.

“Oh, I just did the most amateur thing!” I exclaimed to my friend, thinking that the leader was never taken up by the advance mechanism. I opened the camera to discover all the film was out of the canister and on the take up spool.

About a month before that I took the roll into the chain pharmacy’s mini lab to have the technician pull out the leader which had been sucked into the canister, even though I was pretty sure the film was unused.

About an hour before that, I was trying to get the leader out myself with a strip of cardboard and a piece of double sided sticky tape.

So this ratty old outdated roll of film had been through quite a lot by the time the lab technician used a black box to safely extract it from my camera and set it into the processor.

And that’s when the final evil was done upon it.

It got stuck in the processor during a power outage resulting from a pop up summer thunderstorm.

The technician had to advance it through the soup using the manual hand crank override.

Ah, film.

Do you even still care about the photo joiner? I barely do!  Surprisingly, only about 5 frames were destroyed, and another 5 damaged, so I was still able to finish my assignment.

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