Results to #22

Processing: chain pharmacy

Time: same day

Price: $5.81 (processing and photo CD, no prints)

We’ve reached the dog days of summer. The sun can be relentless, the humidity can be oppressive and the air can be as still as a sauna. We’ve reached the days where one can work up a sweat just by sitting in the shade sipping a cold beer from a metal can. The days where although crops are ripening, frogs are splashing, ice cream is churning and the boys of summer are playing, most people generally slow way down and try to stay cool.

We simplify. We don’t have the energy for much. We eat our veggies raw from the garden. We read a book. We don’t wear shoes.

But reducing life, and images, to their barest elements isn’t necessarily easy. It takes effort to choose what is essential and what to omit.  Being minimalist isn’t the same as being easy.

Maybe I was successful with this assignment, maybe I wasn’t.  Maybe it’s too hot for me to care.

As for the film, I’m happy with the color saturation, but again I’m surprised by the grain.  But I guess for a roll of cheap old film it performed satisfactorily.

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