Jun 6 2010

Results to #19

Results to #19

Processing: chain pharmacy

Time: next day

Price: $10.90 (processing, prints and photo CD)

Well, I may have finally found an appropriate use for this PJ800. For me, it was perfect for capturing the Memorial Day weekend with images that seem old and grainy. Like maybe they were shot 3o years ago on a Kodak Disc camera instead of just last weekend on 35mm.  In this application, the grain is actually quite lovely.

We started the weekend at an auction where there was lots and lots of interesting old stuff.

People picked their seats hours before the parade started.  Some kept right on picking through to the end!

The Popcorn Festival did not disappoint.

As for home maintenance, we cut a LOT of metal roofing.

So there you have it. I have one last roll of PJ800 to shoot. I’ll have to save it for something that I’ll want to look “vintage-y.”