Roll #21

For this assignment, I’m going to experiment with an aspect of photography to which I have rarely paid particular attention. Although I’ve been shooting for many years, this phenomenon to me, has always been more of an afterthought or residual effect, not the main subject.

It’s bokeh.

Bokeh is the blur in the out-of-focus areas of a photograph, most visible in spots of highlights which take on the shape of the aperture. This blur can have an aesthetic or artistic quality of its own . The amount of blur is controlled the same way as the amount of focus, with depth of field.

So since I’m going to want as much blur as possible, I’m going to want to keep the lens aperture wide. For that reason, I’m choosing the slowest film I have left in my bag. A roll of Reala 100.

Now you may ask, “Does bokeh come in funny shapes at all?” and the answer is “no, unless you think round is funny.”  That’s because the shape of the lens aperture affects the shape of the bokeh, and that shape is usually pretty close to round.

But I might play around with that by creating my own apertures in funny shapes.

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