Roll #19

Any of you out there who might actually follow this blog may know that the town where I live is kinda kooky. We have a variety of unusual events throughout the year.

Yes, this Memorial Day weekend we will have a parade like many other towns.

But we’re also having a Popcorn Festival that spans 3 fun-filled days (and not the days you would think)!   It was even the top news item for our local weekly paper.

So this weekend I’ll take a roll of that crap PJ800 out with me. Yes, it might be a lot faster than I’ll need. But I’m not sure where I’ll find myself over the holiday, and I’ll want to travel light (i.e. no flashes, extra lenses, etc).

Of course I’ll visit the Popcorn Festival and the parade, but there are also picnics, auctions, bike rallies, and some home maintenance and repair work slated for this holiday weekend.  I might see a great shot indoors or at night, as well as day.

I’m hoping to capture it all with the surreal grainy texture of memories already gone by, which seems to be the only thing this film might be good for.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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