Roll #16

Check this out, a bulk loaded roll of Tri-X.


I have recently been granted the privilege of using the darkroom belonging to a local school’s photography class. So, like olden days, I get to process and print this roll myself. Ahhh, the slick feel of the developer, the acrid reek of the fixer…Darkroom, I’ve missed you my love.



This roll has been nagging at me since I started this project. I don’t know how long ago it was loaded. It has to be at least 10 years ago, if not 15 or more.

So, of the three rolls of black and white I have left, I decided to start with it. I shot some stuff around town and took it to school to process.

I used 1:1 D-76 at approximately 68 degrees for 9 minutes.  I was following a chart they had in there  (Yeah, sorry, I don’t remember this stuff).  But according to this chart, it should have been 10. And that doesn’t surprise me, since my negatives are rather thin.

Yes, the fact that the film is ancient could also have something to do with that.

So this week, the class moves on to printing. That means you have to wait one more week to see any prints.

Oh, I’d like to also mention that I have embraced the old school tool kit by using only a 50mm on my film body loaded with Tri-X. Just like when I myself was a wee lass in a photo class.

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