Results to #15

Results to #15

Processing: chain pharmacy

Time: next day

Price: $13.87 (processing, prints and photo CD)

The lady behind the counter asked if I wanted a photo CD, so I decided to spring the extra $3.29 for it. In previous posts I have confessed that my scanner is not the best, and many of the images posted are even worse than the prints themselves. In this post, I took the images from the CD, re-sized them and did a bit of color balance tweaking in PhotoShop.

If you remember, I went to this website for my photo assignment for this roll.


I admit, my first idea for “orange uptight sticks” is pretty goofy, maybe even lame.


So, I decided to move on to “black alert liquid.” Like there was any doubt what I would photograph for that.


Knowing that my sticks photo was pretty lame, I ventured outside and looked around. I found these. I am pretty happy with these images.  It goes to show, if you follow through with something, even if it seems absurd (orange uptight sticks?  come on, that’s absurd!), sometimes you’ll surprise yourself at what you come up with!

As in the past, the Fuji film was fine. The lab did some of the prints too cyan for my taste, but that was what made the photo CD so nice. I just opened them up in PhotoShop and corrected them, giving me better results than trying to correct the color from scanned prints.

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