Mar 7 2010

Results to #12

Results to #12

Processing: a large warehouse club that everyone knows and loves

Time: one hour

Price: $5.08

First off, a great big thanks to my friend who is a member of the club, and slid me past the security at the door. It’s like a secret society there, where everything is bigger and bulkier than I could ever have imagined.

They did have a great price on film processing though! I was delighted to learn that they offer it. I thought maybe they only did prints from digital files. The smiling woman behind the counter seemed delighted to process my roll of film in one hour.

The quality was alright, though the prints were a bit dark. I think perhaps that is because the subject matter, fire and ice, are both very hot (dense) exposure wise, and if the negatives were run through an automated machine, it probably tried to compensate. I know what you might be thinking but no, I was not fooled by the presence of so much white, my shots are not underexposed. The density for the street area is normal.

Let’s look at what my kooky town came up with.


Here, obviously is some of the fire. I didn’t see any actual glass blowers, but this person was making lamp work glass beads. Other fire included chili and hot wings. I’ll admit, I just wasn’t in the mood to try to photograph people eating.


Here you have the ice. The ice carvers were getting started on the “teddy bear chair” while I was out and about. These guys traveled hundreds of miles just to come here to play with frozen water.


There are a lot of businesses in town, and most of them had an ice sculpture on the sidewalk in front of their establishments. Most of those sculptures related somehow to the business. There was a cup of coffee in front of the coffee house. A frothy mug of beer was in front of the brewery. So I just couldn’t pass up taking a photo of the glowing green toilet outside the plumber’s.


And this was the sculpture in front of the post office. I’m not sure, but I think it’s a paper boy. Either that, or it is a rendition of that Edvard Munch painting, depicting an employee having gone “postal.”

This Fuji film has performed well. I wish I had more of this film and less of that crappy ektapress.  The processing and printing from the warehouse club seemed fine and the service was fast and friendly.  I’d go back if I was a member.

Mar 3 2010

FlashBack Careers


Look at the enlargers!  Look at the chemicals!  Look at the lighting and dang, look at that huge old view camera!