Roll #14

Roll #14

I found another fun cheap camera at that thrift shop I mentioned in an earlier post! It’s an Image Tech 3D camera…just in time for the current 3D craze!


So, after a short surf on the internet, I found more information about it here.

I was thinking that I could get the film processed at any lab that does those “panorama” photos that were so popular there for a while. You know, the ones where the camera really just cuts off the top and bottom of the 35mm frame. But, after closer inspection, I think It might not be as easy as that.


The camera makes a negative that fills the full height of the film.  But it looks like it will create a wider than standard negative, with three separate exposures. I may run into some problems finding a lab that can handle the negs I’ll get from this camera.

Well, I’ll run a roll through, and we’ll find out!

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