Results to #13

Results to Roll#13

Processing: local chain pharmacy

Time: next day

Price: $11.02

Well, I was intending to stick with the 80s theme, and look for retro subject matter.

But then I didn’t.

After a long, brutal winter, spring finally hit here. And it hit hard.  With unseasonably warm sunny days, a rush of life burst forth from the earth. So instead of looking for old crap, I went out and photographed the flowers in my friend’s garden.

I dug out my old Vivitar Series I 70-210 macro (for Minolta, remember) and got to work.



These prints are not without problems. Although I used another roll of the PJ400, which never fails to disappoint me, I blame many of the problems on the pharmacy’s processing and printing. The prints have an inconsistent cyan cast to them. And again with the split frame prints!  That’s just inexcusable.

If this wasn’t for my own twisted experiment, I would have been very displeased with the lab on this one.

PS Thank you for excusing the delay in my posts.  I was experiencing some hard drive failure issues.  I hope they are now finally permanently corrected.

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