Results to #10

Results to #10

Processing: regional photo services chain

Time: one hour

Price: $8.66

First off, I must commend the photo processing facility I encountered while in Steubenville. Since starting this experiment, it is the first lab I have found that still offers one-hour film processing. According to my host, and Steubenville native, this lab is part of a family owned, multi store regional chain that has been around forever. And according the information provided on their order envelope, they still provide black and white developing and printing, 3-hour Ektachrome processing and reversal printing!

I have been reticent to reveal the names of the labs I’ve been using. So I’ll just say this. If you find yourself in Steubenville, or anywhere near the Ohio/West Virginia/Pennsylvania area, and you ask anyone where to get your film processed, they will tell you to go to this place.

Now lets look at a few of the sights of Steubenville. Let me preface these shots by telling you that most of them were shot from the passenger side of my host’s warm car as she drove me around on a cold cold morning.


This beautiful bridge spans the Ohio river between Weirton, WV and Steubenville OH. It is an impressive and beautiful gateway into the city.


After the bridge, things get a little scruffier, especially downtown. As enticing as this sign is, I did not eat here. There are some restaurants in town that I’m told are quite good, including a Greek place that serves good baked potatoes with Mexican toppings (yeah, I didn’t ask) and a Chinese restaurant.


As for the murals, this one of Dean Martin is by far the nicest, and obviously the one everyone is meant to see. It was not actually downtown.  It was out in the suburbs, on Sunset Boulevard. Everyone in the area loves their Dino. Even over the river in Weirton, they have an establishment called the Rat Pack Cafe.

And thus ends our quick tour of Steubenville.  It was a gray morning when I took my photos, and it was a bit of a bleak wintery scene, and I was shooting through a windshield for most of it.  But I still blame some of the muddiness and grittiness on the expired film.  I have more rolls of this ektapress, so we’ll have plenty of chances to see if it continues to produce sub-par images.

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