Jan 6 2010

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Jan 3 2010

Results to #7/Roll#8

Results to Roll #7

…are pending.

Price: $12.71

Time: 4 days

In my attempt to try every local film processing lab I could find, I took this roll to the mall. Yep, the MALL! Well, I had a bad feeling about it from the start. I mean, hey, the mall? Like, gag me with a spoon fer shur! So I took my roll in there and I didn’t judge the guy for never having seen PJ800 Ektapress before. It is a pretty uncommon film (I think it was discontinued around 2003). I tried not to let it annoy me when they asked me to prepay. I wasn’t bothered that they no longer provided one-hour processing, but I did think it was weird that the guy told me it would be ready on New Years Day, but hey, the mall has no sense of time or space. It’s like a Vegas casino in there.

So I went in on New Years Day and it wasn’t done…and somehow I was not surprised. They told me it should be done the next day and they would call me. By this time, I said “ok,” knowing full well they never asked for my number and they probably would never think to look it up. So the next day, Saturday, I bullheadedly did not call them first, and I went in and it was still not done. The girl complained that “they are really dark and might not come out right.” So I asked to look at the negatives, as the roll had been processed but not yet printed by that point. The negs looked fine considering the subject matter. So I gave the negs back to them, and this time made sure they had my number to call me. Sure enough, when I got home from a dinner party tonight, there was a message on the home machine that the prints are finally done. Unfortunately, that’s too late for my self assigned Sunday publication deadline, and instead of looking at photos, the few of you who might actually read this blog get to read this rant instead of seeing the film results.

But really, this is all part of the experiment. Do any of you remember the frustration of dealing with a lab? That is one of the things I blissfully forgot about, and I even used to work in a lab for many years. Sometimes it was just not possible to get all the work orders done. But then, that’s when EVERYone was shooting film, not just a few weirdos like me.

So, until I work up the gumption to drag myself to the mall for the fourth time over this roll of film, I’m just going to move on to the next assignment for now.

Roll #8


Another roll of tmax 3200. I have some high school winter sports assignments scheduled for this coming week. I’ll shoot the real work on digital, and take along a film body for extra funstuff to share with you. I have been shooting sports with a digital camera for years.  I’ve grown weak and soft. It has been a loooooong time since I tried to shoot it on film with manual focus body.   And do you remember how grainy this film is?  I’m not expecting much. I hope you’re not either.