Results to #9

Results to #9

Processing: discount pharmacy

Time: next day

Price: $6.88

Yeah, I went back to the discount pharmacy. I haven’t found any more film processing labs in the area. I’ve heard the mega mart place does it, but I refuse to spend my money there. And I know a warehouse shopping club does it, and I’ve heard they do a pretty good job too. But I am not a member.

So, yeah, I went back to the discount pharmacy.

The Farm Show was the same as it ever was, but it was nice to see it from a different perspective this year, as I didn’t have to be there for the newspaper. Old habits die hard though, and even though I thought I was being different, most of my shots still look very….well….newspapery.


An animal in a pen. There are a lot of these. Not much more to say about that.


I liked the bored look of the kid sitting on the bucket, and the indifferent look of the cow as the visitors herded by. I knew I could frame them all into an interesting composition. I knew this wasn’t very unique. Then my friend who had been looking at the alpacas saw me crouching there and said, “You’re working again, huh?” Yep. Afraid so.


I kind of miss the painterly look that film sometimes offers in shots like this. With manual focus, I never get the images tack sharp (anymore), and without those 1/3 stops my digital gives me, it’s amazing how much more motion blur creeps into the image. I like this shot. It would have looked a lot different with my digital.

All of the prints had a bit of a yellow green cast to them, which I mostly tried to correct out in Photoshop once I scanned them. I would blame that on the flourescent lighting throughout the Farm Show complex, not necessarily on the film type, the film’s age or the processing.

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  • russell Says:

    I love the shot of the horses particularly because it’s exactly not the way I would shoot that.

    As far into this as you are now, have you come to any conclusions about your preferences for film over digital? The reason I ask is that I was involved in a discussion with another friend of mine who is a casual photographer and he expressed the opinion that given the choice (money no object) he would shoot film.

    Under the same conditions, assuming I didn’t have to make a living from photography, I’d shoot 20×24 Polaroid. But that’s a fantasy. The bloody camera wouldn’t even fit into my car.

    But given unlimited photo budget I would still shoot digital (think Hasselblad H4D).

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