Results to #8/Roll#9

Results to #8

Processing: a professional lab

Time: about 1.5 weeks

Price: $7.25 ($3.50 for process only, then 3/$1.25 each for prints)

Yeah, these look pretty much like I remember my sports shots looking way back when I was in my early twenties. Except back then I was accustomed to shooting manual focus, plus my eye was younger, so more of my shots were actually sharp. It’s a lot harder to anticipate and focus action before it actually happens than it is to just try to follow it and let the autofocus do all the work. They’re not very exciting, but here’s the better shots from that roll.

bb1This is the kind of action shot that I actually kind of consider cheating.  Yeah, she’s playing basketball, but she’s not moving around that much and she’s not that hard to get in focus.


This one is a bit more difficult because she is moving, but not so tough since she’s kind of far away.  The peoples’ arms in the foreground help to add to the sense of action, even though the actual action isn’t very exciting.

bb2This one was the toughest.  She’s close, she’s moving fast, and I got lucky with the focus.

But let’s get back to the film, because that’s what this whole thing is about. It held up well. It looks just like I remembered it. It’s more difficult to shoot than I remember. We’ve all gotten spoiled by the ease and beauty of digital.

Roll #9


A roll of 36 exp. Fujicolor 400.  I’m pretty sure this is old newspaper stock that found its way into my sack of goodies.  As for the assignment?  I got two words for you:  Farm Show!

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  • russell Says:

    All things considered, those are pretty decent shots. I mean, film, terrible gym lighting and high speed motion from the subject. I have to admit to being startled by the grain (but I also really liked it).

    I’m feeling this desire to shoot some film but I want to do what I’ve never done outside of an academic setting which is shoot sheet film. If only I could grab a 4×5 cheap. If only…

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