Results to #7

Results to Roll #7

Processing:  the mall

Price: $12.71

Time: 5 days

Well, I may have had to wait twice as long as they said it would take, but hey, the prints sure are crappy! I can’t put all of the blame on the lab. Remember, this film is very old. The clerk said that there is a nasty blue cast to the negs, and I have no reason to doubt that. On the other hand, they did admit that their orders for film processing are inconsistent, the chemistry is expensive and therefore they may discontinue that service soon.  That makes me wonder how long they stretch their chemistry.

Regardless, the digital printing system they use is just terrible. The prints have bands of noise, much like the really old digital cameras used to have.  The film may have color balance and grain issues, but I’m sure there’s no “banding” on the negatives.

scan0003The quality of this print is not that good, but I still kind of like the image.

scan0002And although this one is also pretty horrible, I really don’t think the print has to be this bad.  I took this negative to another lab to compare print quality.  So stay tuned!

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