Roll #6

Roll #6

Do you remember some weeks ago we were supposed to stay up late, go outside in the cold and watch the Leonid Meteor Shower? You know, the one where there were to be as many as 20 meteors per hour over North America? I took a short roll of Kodak 400 and loaded it into my trusty Nikon FM2 with a cable release. I also took my new digital Nikon D700 for the instant gratification of seeing photos of the bee-yoo-tee-ful meteors streaking across the sky.

Well, some friends and I stood out there in the cold for over 2 hours and we only saw about 2 or 3 meteors, and we got photos of none. We did take some lovely photos of the sparse clouds illuminated by the ambient light. We did get some photos of airplanes that we could lie and say were meteors. We did get silly and start writing the word “meteor” with a flashlight during our timed exposures, just so that we could say that we did indeed get a meteor photo.


Thing is, I’ve been carrying that roll of film around with me for weeks now. I’ve been looking for a place that processes film that I haven’t already been to. It seems that film processing centers are dwindling faster than I realized. Did you know that Kmart doesn’t process film? I went to a nearby, lesser known warehouse club and they don’t do it either. I guess I better get on the ball so I can see how the film images compare with the pretty new digital ones.

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