Nov 8 2009

Results to #3

Results to #3

Processing: A local professional lab

Time: About 2 weeks

Price: About $15.00

Critique: Talk about a latent image! There were some photos on there that must have been taken around 1997! I won’t show them to you because I can’t bear the embarrassment, but I will tell you that they were during my cut-off jean shorts phase, my husband still had glasses and a long ponytail (and wasn’t my husband yet) and we both look a LOT younger. These are among the first 8 exposures as indicated by the sharpie note on the canister.

Then things get even weirder. There are about 4 blank frames then some photos that are more recent. There are some photos that I have no idea where or why they were taken.


Then there are some other images that date the second round of exposures to be between 2000 and around 2005, like this one of Hally. He’s sitting on the window sill of the house we bought in 2000, but he died a few years ago.400b

Overall: Film can be fascinating. This really was like a little time capsule waiting to be opened up. I found the layers of history to be especially interesting. It was fun to try to figure out the time and place where these images happened. I felt like an autobiographical archaeologist.

Nov 1 2009

Roll #3


Roll #3

This roll is a mystery. At some point it was put into a camera, backed out again and I wrote a note on there in sharpie marker. But the film lead was backed into the canister, so who knows what’s on there. I do vaguely remember trying to find a place to process it at some point. Obviously I didn’t find anyplace and that’s why it’s still here. Oh sure, I could have bought some chemistry and processed it myself. Yeah, right.

Assignment #3

I’ll take it to the photo lab that processed the Tmax 3200 and see what’s hiding in this little time capsule.