Roll #4


On a recent beautiful autumn day, with the sun brightly raking golden light across the landscape, and the sky a perfect azure, I thought it was the lovely time to take a roll of film and try shooting some perdy autumn leaves. I grabbed one of my ol’ FM2s only to discover there was already some film in there. Hmm, I didn’t remember loading any film in there. So, hoping it was color, I went about my task. I shot around 30 frames and unloaded it.

Okay, it’s a roll of Fuji 400 Superia. I always thought that was a weird name for a film. It sounds too much like diarrhea to me. Or maybe I’ve been pronouncing it wrong. Anyway, some reviews I’ve read claim this film to lean toward yellow-green (depending on if it’s processed correctly) fortuitously perfect for warm autumn photos. Of course, I’m sure they aren’t talking about 10+ year old film either.

Let’s take it to the lab and see what we get!

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