Results to #2

Results to #2

Processing: A local professional photo lab

Time:  about 2 weeks.

Price: approximately $15.00

Critique: Like looking at the face of a friend who you haven’t seen in over a decade, this film took me by surprise. I really didn’t recognize it at first. My first reaction was “Holy shit that’s grainy!” But then I realized that really, I had just grown unaccustomed to seeing film. Especially this old high speed underexposed black and white film.

I decided to try shooting some scenes at night with available light. And since the battery in my old FM2n was dead, the light meter didn’t work. Not that it would have helped me much anyway. But being a good ol’ mechanical light tight box, the shutter mechanism works whether there’s battery or not. So I was sort of winging it for the exposure. Most of them were around 4 to 6 seconds at F4, under a bright full moon.


Regarding processing, I took the film to a local lab that still processes b/w, C-41, and I think E-6 too, and does printing for professional level clients like wedding and portrait photographers. There aren’t many places left that process black and white film. The printing is all digital now, and apparently there was a bit of a problem with the equipment recognizing where the frames were on this film. Not like years ago where a technician would line the image up in the negative carrier. I had a lot of really screwed up prints.


Overall: It was fun to sit and have a beer with this old roll of 3200, and although I had fun reminiscing, this is not a friend I feel compelled to stay in touch with. There’s another roll lurking in my old film bag though, so I know our paths will cross at least one more time before we go our separate ways forever.

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